Bliss + Beauty Bundle

The Bundle

  • 4 week package of both Bliss + Beauty services
  • Two private asana practice's per week (yoga should be practiced every two - three days to encourage muscle memory) 
    • Each practice is 75 minutes long covering pranayama (breathing technique's), mantra meditation, + asana practice
  • Throughout the 4 weeks you have two makeup applications to use during that time. 
    • Each service begins with a mini facial massage, followed by a makeup application that is designed around your idea of beauty.  (False eyelash application optional)
    • *if a makeup lesson is more your desire you can receive this in place of the two makeup applications

What else

  • On your own it is suggested for you to keep a meditation journal
  • Continue your mantra meditation, pranayama, + asana practice
  • If diet is an area of concern I will recommend a nutritionist for you
  • Supplies you will need:
    • yoga mat of your choice
    • baja blanket
    • blocks
    • *ask for recommendations 

Who should commit?

  • Someone who is looking to start, or continue a practice that is more specific to you
  • If you're struggling to get out of your home/office to make it to the studio, this is perfect because I will come to you! 
  • If you are required to meet with clients/press regularly and want to keep your image on point
  • Y O U....R I G H T N O W! (truth be told, if you found yourself on this page that means you have been contemplating how to keep up with your practice or how to deepen it....and honestly....I C A N' T W A I T to work with you!)


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